Unmarked A Haunted House Story

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  • AR can open a world of experiences for all audiences.
  • Notice for Parents: The use of AR and mobile devices should always be supervised by a parent or responsible adult to ensure your child’s safety.
  • Do not use the app in the street or anywhere where you can be in danger.
  • Make sure you frequently check the floor and surrounding areas.
  • Do not run; watch where you are walking.
  • Be aware of trees, posts, mailboxes, and any objects that can be in your way
  • Be aware of other people walking through the house in the same space.
  • Please make sure your phone or tablet is secured to avoid dropping your device.
  • Scan the rooms and move slowly to discover all the surprises we have for you.


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Your privacy matters to us. We are committed to your family’s privacy. Our goal is to provide safe, fun experiences for everyone.

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We do not knowingly market to or collect information from children under 12 years of age in the United States, or 16 years of age in the EU. We will promptly delete any information later determined to be from such a young person, unless we have received consent to collect such personal data from the child’s parent or guardian. If you think your child has provided his/her personal information to us and you wish that data be removed or corrected, please contact us as indicated below.

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  • This is a native app and does not contain any cookies
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Data Protection Rights

We take your security and confidentiality seriously. We do not track any personally identifiable information. We have procedural and technical safeguards in place to protect against unauthorized access to our backend systems.

It is important to know that no software program or system is 100% secure. We cannot guarantee that our processes and technology will prevent every unauthorized attempt to access information. We do not store any personally identifiable information for this product.

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For questions regarding this policy or your data protection rights, please contact us via email at userprotection@sparxworks.com

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