Figma vs Adobe XD

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Figma Powers Seamless Collaboration with Clients

For over 20 years we have completed 1000’s of projects for education and training companies (even before the term Edtech was a thing;-) and continuously adopt new software and technology when it makes sense for our clients.

A big part of our work and success is effective collaboration with our clients. As longtime Adobe XD users it was hard to imagine a new platform would provide as many tools and features as Adobe has reliably provided for so many years. However, Figma’s real-time features have transformed our client workflows.

Figma empowers us to collaborate seamlessly with remote teams. We can share screens and edit together in real-time, allowing for rapid iterations and feedback. Figma eliminates delays and bottlenecks that would limit the speed of projects.

The ability to chat and comment directly in Figma also facilitates constant communication with edtech collaborators – no more email tagging for approvals!

Figma has knocked down the barriers to smooth collaboration with our clients.


Figma Boosts Edtech Design Work Across All Devices

Juggling multiple devices is common working with education/edtech clients. As a cross-platform tool, Figma simplifies these complex projects immensely.

Clients usually have tight schedules for reviews. Even when they are on the go, Figma offers the opportunity to view prototypes from any device: desktop, laptop, tablets. That way, we can go back and forth with the comments and implement the requested changes quickly.

And since Figma’s OS is platform agnostic it makes it simple to share with any client, regardless of tech stacks simply from a web browser without any additional viewing software.

With Figma eliminating device limitations and compatibility headaches, I can focus fully on client work rather than technical hiccups. We constantly look for opportunities to reduce “friction” for our clients. Our edtech clients are thrilled with the seamless cross-platform design Figma enables.


Figma’s Innovations Revolutionize Edtech Design Work

As experienced designers, adapting to new technologies is important to ensure we support client goals for learner engagement and outcomes as well as improve production workflows.

As long-time Adobe XD users, we were curious if Figma would be able to provide the needed features and flexibility to truly be an alternative to Figma. However, Figma’s innovative features have transformed how we approach edtech design.

Figma facilitates rapid prototyping and iterating to bring client concepts to life. Built-in feedback tools aid quick collaboration. But most game-changing are Figma’s constant improvements based on user input.

This commitment to ongoing evolution empowers us to expand our skills continually as edtech evolves. Figma’s forward-thinking mindset also resonates with our education clients, making it the perfect strategic partner.

We are now big users and fans of Figma for taking design innovation to the next level. It has unlocked immense potential in our design work.

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