Senior Art Director

Jeancarlo Ascorra

Jeancarlo has been successfully spearheading design and illustration of numerous projects for the company since he first joined SparxWorks in 2005.

Whether it’s web, mobile, character, print, or graphic design, Jeancarlo understands the aesthetics and principles of effective user experiences. He also is adept at helping other designers refine their skills and is referred to as “The Master” by everyone in the company. At SparxWorks, Jeancarlo has guided and worked on scores of projects including: Berhman House, Bratz, Coca Cola, Finger Print, Junior Achievement, Knowledge Adventure, LeapFrog, Red Bird, and Legends of Learning. Prior to joining SparxWorks, Jeancarlo worked for the worldwide advertising agency BBDO, as well as Textil Co, Casino. Jeancarlo has a degree in Art and Communication from the Instituto Peruano de Publicidad.

Jeancarlo Ascorra headshot big image